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If it triggers you when a skinny person uploads a picture where their body is showing it is not their responsibility to take the picture down and cover themselves in the future for the sake of your mental state. It’s your responsibility to distance yourself from them and not call them out for possibly triggering their followers for doing an innocent thing like not covering themselves up. Sure, it sucks that there are people who cannot look at people without being triggered but there are people who can help them with that.

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If ur pets dont like him he aint da one

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Does anybody get like…fore play horny? Like maybe you don’t necessarily want the actual sex part but what I really want is a long time where all we do is kiss and bite and grope and touch and stare at each other and ugh.

All that good stuff.

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Yesterday my friend and I were walking out of Forever 21 and the wind blew my skirt up a little. I had shorts on underneath (for this very reason) but two guys in a parked car saw it happen and yelled at me to lift it more, I yelled back, “fuck you!” and they laughed. So I took my pocket knife out of my bag and yelled, “I will slash your fucking tires!” and they did not laugh

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never make someone a priority when they only make you an option. 

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